Corporate Membership Benefits

“The Ultimate Medical Access Membership
For Your Valued Employees”

The TDPA distinguished network of specialists can reach to the highest level of care in any situation and can tap exclusive networks in an expedited fashion for appointments and care.  Ordinarily, access to these distinguished physicians is extremely difficult and may take weeks or months for appointments, if it is even possible.   TDPA provides immediate solutions to real time problems.

Core Benefits

• 24/7/365 Preferred Access to the Team Doctors elite medical network
• Membership works in concert with your health insurance
• Same or next business day appointments to the core physicians
• Expedited access to specialists and elite “E-Meritus” Specialists

Team Doctor Membership Global Benefits

Through the Team Doctors Network relationship with our colleagues focused on Global Health, TDPA offers 24/7 access to U.S. Based Emergency Physicians supporting travelers and global corporate operations with similar contacts to distinguished physicians and centers of excellence in cities throughout the world, similar to what the TDPA network has domestically. This Network of Global Physicians has specific expertise in travel medicine.

Customized Pricing

Pricing is based on each Corporation’s individual need, whether accessing our global or domestic networks.

Costs are based upon each company’s unique set of criteria, for example: 

• How many employees will have access to our service?
• Will any of those employees travel Internationally?
• Would access to an International medical evacuation service be required?
• *Does your corporation currently employ a Corporate Medical Director (CMD)?

*If you do not have a CMD, then TDPA can fill that role for you, providing solutions for all of your medical access needs. If you do employ a CMD, the TDPA Medical Executives will be a complement to your current structure. This will ensure  your employees are provided the best possible care.