Welcome To the Ultimate Concierge Medicine Membership

Welcome to the ultimate concierge medicine membership. Access to our elite network of healthcare providers is now available to Corporate America. Until recently, was only accessible by the owners, trainers and players of Professional Sports teams in the USA, including NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, as well as members of the United States Olympic Committee and International Olympic Committee.

This network of distinguished physicians has worked with each other closely for nearly 30 years, and has proven to be the most effective in caring for the high profile individuals employed by the owners of professional sports teams. These physicians are experienced in working directly with the Chief Athletic Trainers of these teams, and are adept at getting these key athletes/employees back to their maximum capacity in the shortest period of time. All involved realize that their high profile athletes determine the success of the franchise, so the most professional and expeditious repair of any health issue is the standard of care.

I hope you enjoy learning more about Team Doctors Preferred Access and how we can provide a valuable service to your corporation and employees.

-Robert A. Gadlage, MD FACS
Chairman and Founder
Team Doctors Preferred Access