Why Team Doctors Preferred Access?

Companies today find themselves competing in an ever-accelerating global economy where technology is exceeding our every expectation. Today business happens anywhere, at any time, and it doesn’t stop. But what happens when your most valued asset (employee, team member, star, champion, etc.) hits a bump in the road? What do you do then? How do you ensure that the bump is taken out of the equation? By adding that elite level of service called “Team Doctors Preferred Access,” these unforeseen situations will be put in the hands of experts. With TDPA at your fingertips, employees and their families’ healthcare issues have been removed from the equation allowing your business to continually move forward unhindered by “unforeseen events”.

The TDPA distinguished network of specialists can reach to the highest level of care in each specialty and can tap exclusive networks in an expedited fashion for appointments and care. Ordinarily, access to these distinguished physicians is extremely difficult and may take weeks or months to get access, if access is even possible. TDPA is like getting a “fast pass” in these situations since colleagues call colleagues for expedited appointments, and subsequent care. Dr. Mickey Mellman, TD for the Los Angeles sports franchises, summed it best when he said “we treat our members like our players.”

Real life examples of how Team Doctors experience has worked:


“Fast Pass” to Quality Care

• Corporate Executive diagnosed with serious medical problem
• Little or no hope given by local medical network
• Corporate Medical Director made aware of problem
• Team Doctors engaged to bring patient into Preferred Network
• Team Doctor for local NFL team calls world authority at corresponding medical community for this medical problem
• Patient contacted within 48 hours of TD Network involvement
• Seen by Specialist world authority later that week
• Surgery performed within two weeks, successful
• Entire Team Doctors network of those involved gets personalized handwritten notes from family member for care and network


Medical Management Backup

• Member of Team Doctors has chest pain while traveling through back roads on the team bus
• Goes to closest ER where ER doctor there recommends heart catheterization immediately
• Call made to TD who contacts TD cardiologist familiar with patient
• TD Cardiologist talks to ER/Cardiology specialist and suggests transfer to closest medical facility in major city where TD for that city is made aware of situation and has TD Cardiologist available for consultation as Manager arrives in ER
• Situation evaluated by TD directed Cardiologist and Manager hospitalized overnight to discover stomach virus was cause
• Invasive procedure in outlying hospital avoided, Manager back in the dugout in two days.