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Brett Butler

“This Network saved my life….it’s the cream of the crop”
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Jill Kersh

“My experience with Team Doctors has been phenomenal…..I know that in one phone call my family will be seen by the best doctors in the world”

Dave Savage

“My family, my wife’s kids, and several of our friends are in the program…it’s very comforting to know that anytime you need help you can pick up the phone anywhere in the country and around the world and call the Team Doctors”

Doug Powell

“It is a group of the best physicians in the world that know other physicians all around the world capable of handling any crisis or any problem ….without going through the typical process and bureaucracy”

Marlene Exposito Powell

“I called up Team Doctors who we had just enrolled with….it was great follow up..I had the swine flu…the response was quick and thorough….. and I got callbacks which is rare these days…I love them”

Grant Carter

“Some of the misconceptions of the network is that they only deal with pro athletes…when in fact most of them are general practitioners and internists that were so accomplished in their fields that they were hand picked by the owners of professional sports franchises to treat their high priced athletes- the commodities of the teams”