Who is on our Medical Team?

Our Network consists of Team Doctors located across the country and reaches the specialists they refer to. Most of our team physicians are family practitioners and internists. Essentially, our members have access to literally hundreds of the top physicians across the country…the same network that pro-athletes utilize. You can see a partial listing of our core physicians in the Doctors section.

Do our doctors mainly just take care of athletic injuries?

Not at all. Most of these physicians are primary care, family practitioners and internists, who have outstanding reputations for  diagnosing, treating, and  referring high profile individuals and families (when the need arises) to some of the top specialists in the country no matter what the medical need or facility. The team doctors are “Network Solutions Specialists”. They specialize in navigating patients across the network no matter what the medical need in the U.S. and around the world, when necessary.

Can TDPA accommodate a high call volume? 

This network can handle  a wide range of calls whether it be primary care related, specialty, nutrition, fitness, eldercare- you name it , we have it covered. Additional highly qualified and acclaimed Physicians can be added to specific cities, as there is a waiting list of Physicians asking to be part of our elite network.

Where are the team doctors located?

Our Team Doctors are located in major cities across the U.S. and other minor cities in-between. However, our network is easily accessed via phone from anywhere in the U.S. and around the globe.

How does the insurance work?

Insurance works the same as it does for you currently. Most of our physicians accept all of the major insurance carriers.  There may be rare cases when these physicians may not accept your insurance.

What if it is an emergency?

Team Doctors is NOT an Emergency Service. Our clients are advised to dial 911 in the U.S. and respond accordingly to their directions. If a client chooses not to go to the ER, they may then choose to activate the Team Doctors Service via their Corporate Medical Director. If a client is in the ER and experiencing a delay in being seen or treated, it would be appropriate to activate the Team Doctors Service. Clients should also alert Team Doctors that there has been an emergency, their location, situation and name of treating Doctor.

What if I am not in a major city?

The Team Doctors network is built around the Team Physicians of the major cities and the specialists they refer to in minor cities.

Can any company or individual become a TDPA client?

No. Our focus demographic is tailored toward Fortune 500 companies that consider their employees a valuable asset and want to reward their employee’s efforts with privileged access to elite Physicians outside of their current network. We also offer the option to tailor a client’s program to include competitive exclusivity.

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